This blog is about LaTeX, Python, XML, and how they come together.

My day job is at SAS Institute Inc., where I work on a documentation system for analytics products. The writers and developers there use a customized LaTeX class that creates PDFs with beautiful mathematics. The code displayed in the documentation is the same code that generated the outputs in the documentation. That is where most of my LaTeX work comes in.

The Python part is in managing the publishing system itself, some system administration tasks, and in converting the original LaTeX markup to DocBook XML.

I then use the lxml package or straight XSLT to convert that DocBook XML to HTML or ebooks.

I love to share what I discover in my daily work and that’s what this blog is about; a place to share code and ideas related to LaTeX, Python, and XML. I also include articles on various other tangents like typesetting and testing mathematical documentation and systems admin tasks.

I owe much to open-source communities. I hope you find the information here helpful in your own work.